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On a voluntary basis, I visited the fire brigade in North-Rhine Westphalia in Germany. The location which I worked called Ahlen. So, it was a very nice city and we had a very good time. All the fire runs was a formidable challenges with a fair bit of works. I had so many different emotions in this time. It was a big adventure and I learned so much about humans and their life. Thank you very much indeed all the comrades of the fire brigade in Ahlen. In addition I got the activity confirmation in "gold" in year 2002.
About the regulation of voluntary career by the fire department in the federal state NRW in Germany, I got the promotion to "Hauptfeuerwehrmann" in year 2007.

In the Lovely Mounth of April in the year 2015, I participated in a voluntary project in India. I was only too please to help. Every morning I teaching the kids in different subjects into a small classroom at the deprived areas of the city "Monte Hill". It was very exciting and a padagogical challenge, because there was a big age gap of the children. Absolutly deficient was the teaching and learning aids of the kids, because the complete area was full of poor people and nobody had money for aids. Moreover, all pupils got schooled on the floor. I learned about the life of the people in India and theirs cultures in this time. It was a new stage of experience for me. Thank you for the empirical knowledge and I miss all the people.
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