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Degree dissertation
The task in my degree dissertation is the progression, construction and activation of an ultra fast "HIGH-VOLTAGE-BREAKER" (UFHVB/UFHSD) with metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors.
The photo collection at the bottom of this site show the complete high-voltage-breaker. In the 19"-case are three electronic boards, which steers and turns the voltage. The total switch-device consists about 95% of electronic components.
The funktion tests of the complete device work very accurate and switch the lightning impulse voltage 1,2/50 of 5000V (DC) without compunction.
The theoretical values for the "HIGH-VOLTAGE-BREAKER" is for example:
7200V (DC) and 125A for the time of 80ns with a duty cycle "D" of 0.01 = 1%. The thermical condition istn´t to go beyond the pale.
The total switch time is dependent of the current. Another value of current make a mathematical computation absolutely essential (look at the "maximum effective transient thermal impedance, junction-to-case vs. pulse duration-diagram" of the MOSFET "APT12040L2FLL"). So, it´s a very elaborate system with many know-how.
The test-concept:
An impulse-device produce the lightning impulse voltage 1,2/50. The "HIGH-VOLTAGE-BREAKER" and replace the spark-gap into the circuit.
Intimate knowledge:
Many knowledge in digital-,analog- and power electronics play an important part. Of course, specific applications in the high voltage engineering and technology is vitally important, too.
Special attribute:
The electronic devices use the new professional technology of microcontrollers.
The microcontroller is a completive very small computer include many functions and features. Each one has a separate memory, central processing unit resp. arithmetic and logic unit, interface and much more. The new generation of microcontrollers shows more and more new functions, features and designs in a small package chip.
An eight-pin integrated circuit (IC) is the AVR 8-Bit RISC-Device ATtiny13 by Atmel, which is an important consideration by the UFHVB. The chip has much options, that you have a problem to use all the limited opportunities together.
If you definitely need support or more information about the microcontroller, you can look at the page . If you want order a chip for low cost, look at the distributors.
Desperately needed:
In the High-Voltage-Laboratory of the South- Westphalia University of Applied Sciences -location in Soest/Germany-, I´ve construct a pulse-device, which produce the standard lightning impulse voltage (1,2/50).
The pulse-device is very important for my diploma thesis, because I need the impulse for tests.
At first I´ve use a spark gap in testing phase. The digital oscilloscope show an impulse-voltage with a front-time of 1,2 µs and a back halftime of 50 µs.
The times (1,2 µs and 50 µs) have a very minimal slight difference from the nominal fixed values, so I can use the impulse without hesitation. It`s fair to say that the pulse-device work very accurate.
Very important is the range of the construction by electronic components. The values of the components are measure and calculate directly, so that the pulse-device get a fine-tuning. Of course, the knowledge about the lightning impulse voltage (1,2/50) is hugely important, too.

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